A Nature School

Our Mission

To provide a quality nature based Montessori program, which teaches to the emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development of the child, led by qualified Montessori trained guides. 

“Directing our action toward mankind means, first and foremost, doing so with regard to the child. The child, that ‘forgotten citizen’, must be appreciated in accordance with his true value. His rights as a human being who shapes all of mankind must become sacred, and the secret laws of his normal psychic development must light the way for civilization.”

-Maria Montessori

What Our Parents Are Saying....

"The Montessori Center is an amazing school that caters to the whole child. Both of my kids have attended and have had amazing experiences here. The staff is kind and generous in spirit, creating a community of families and kids that promotes individual growth, independence, and respect."

"Parents always wonder if they're making the right choices for their children. It means the world to know that our children spend their days in a place filled with so much love and encouragement. For any parent considering where to send their children, I cannot recommend The Montessori Center highly enough. The women who teach there are wonderful - caring, exceedingly patient, and consistently creating intentional opportunities for each child's growth; and I am always amazed by the children, who from such a young age treat one another with empathy and respect. There is no doubt in my mind that we made the right choice for our children and our family when we chose The Montessori Center!"

"My son was one of the first Montessori Center children. He really blossomed under the opportunity to grow according to his sensitive learning periods. That was over 25 years ago. The basic Montessori principles he learned have assisted him through life to have earned a Master of psychology. 

I now have a granddaughter at TMC and enjoy watching her learn and grow."

"When searching for great caring people that work hard to create and mold little lives, these are who you want to guide your children"

"We love the TMC! The place is cozy and warm, the teachers are great, and the Montessori approach is something valuable for the entire life."